Scattered People proudly announce their new album Sugarmill Road and new single 'On The Turning Away'

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'Sugarmill Road' and 'On The Turning Away' reviews/comments

eugeneInternationally acclaimed South African percussionist Eugene Skeef – co-activist with the late Steven Biko, said it was extraordinarily beautiful music. “They seem to have mastered the technique of communicating serious subjects while still maintaining the light of hope,” he said. “This comes through with such power and positive force and I am taken aback by the commitment, professionalism and love that emanate so fluently from every track.”




"All the time and effort you have put into this project all comes together in this extraordinarily beautiful song and video.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a clip that has bought a tear to my eye, but this one did. It is hard to think of a more worthwhile project to be involved with.

You have created a piece of art that is of it’s time and is so important. The fact that the sound and vision is of such a high standard and the performances so true and authentic, it could really make a difference. We are all human beings and it is a disgrace that we are treating people with such blatant cruelty. We have forgotten to ask that most important of questions, how would I feel if the situation were reversed?
You have provided not only reminder to the rest of us not to turn away, but also to the refugees that there is hope and people who care enough to demonstrate it by creating truly great art. Thank you, what you’ve created here is more than just great art…you’ve reaffirmed our common humanity."
Geoff Stapleton - GANGgajang.



An evocative, well made video, a song with message that needs to be heard, and beautiful singing..
.can't ask for more..... Eric Bogle - Legendary Australian Songwriter


         "Such a clear, wonderful album of delights." Ruth Woodhams at 100.9 ZZZ FM and 2LM.



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