Scattered People proudly announce their new album Sugarmill Road and new single 'On The Turning Away'

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SUGARMILL ROAD - Scattered People

Produced and arranged by Robbie James

Sugarmill Road - the album released 6th November

single: 'On The Turning Away'
available now as download from iTunes
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CD cover
  1. Prelude
  2. Broken Wing
  3. On The Turning Away
  4. Letter From Detention
  5. Light A Candle
  6. Escaping Dreams
  7. Patience Is A Remedy
  8. Free Like Butterflies
  9. In Your Image
  10. Sweet Marmanya
  11. If Our Homeland Was A Democracy
  12. Remember
  13. Limbo
  14. Somewhere In Australia
  15. Sugarmill Road
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'Sugarmill Road' - a selection of song samples.. album NOW AVAILABLE
. Broken Wing
Light A Candle
Escaping Dreams
Ancient Persian poem by Baba Taher.
Composer of melody Hasan Yusefzamani.
Music by Robbie James.
Sung by Mehdi Zakerhossein.
Lyrics and music by Brian Procopis and Peter Cavallo.
Sung by Sham and Aileen.
Backing vocals by students from
Edmund Rice Schools and Scattered People
Lyrics and music by Robbie James.
Sung by Robbie.
Backing vocals by Scattered People.
Patience Is A Remedy
Free Like Butterflies
Sweet Marmanya
Lyrics by Zahra.
Music by Brian Procopis and Robbie James.
Sung by Yani. Backing vocals by Scattered People
Lyrics by Zahra.
Music by Simon Monsour and Brian Procopis.
Sung by Saha.
Backing vocals by Scattered People..
Lyrics and music by Chris Anderson.
Sung by Chris Anderson and Aleathea Monsour. Narration spoken by Mas.
Backing vocals by Scattered People.
A Sweet Freedom Project
Released through MGM Distribution
A Sweet Freedom Project
sweet freedom
Music that Liberates
(c) Scattered People